VISION EDUCATION teaches German through a football app

A kick-off for language learning: The initiative VISION EDUCATION aims at helping children and adolescents with a migrant background to acquire German language knowledge through a football based app. Through audio-visual elements, children learn football terms and other vocabulary. The app “VISION EDUCATION Football” offers translations from 13 different languages – Arabic, Swahili and Farsi, among others – into German. “There is no other sport which fascinates boy and girls as much as football. Therefore, football offers low-threshold and cross-cultural access to learning a foreign language,” says Manfred Kastner, the founder of VISION EDUCATION. The app was presented within the scope of a panel discussion on the “Role of Sport in Integration”. Vodafone is keen on supporting this project.

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Vodafone press info: Score goals with language learning!

  • Vodafone and VISION EDUCATION have launched a unique language learning app for children
  • Young migrants can learn German through fun exercises which teach football related vocabulary
  • According to Michael Rummenigge, “There is no other sport that promotes togetherness like football does”

On 10th June 2016 in Düsseldorf, right in time for the UEFA European Championships 2016, Vodafone and the initiative VISION EDUCATION jointly launched the language learning app “VISION EDUCATION Fußball” for learning German; within the context of football, children and adolescents can playfully acquire a basic German language vocabulary. The app is specifically targeted at young people with a migrant or refugee background who live in Germany and have grown up with a different mother tongue than German. The app offers translations from 13 different languages–Arabic, Swahili and Farsi, among others – into German.

Through audio-visual elements, children and adolescents are able to learn German effortlessly even without knowledge of the Latin alphabet: as the vocabulary is embedded in everyday situations, the words can be learnt quite intuitively. Additionally, football elements promote fun and provide motivation. Alongside special football vocabulary, images and games, there is a live ticker integrated showing the Euro 2016 results. The app “VISION EDUCATION Football” is available to download free of charge as of now on Google Play and will be available on the App Store soon. After being downloaded and installed, the German language learning app can also run without an internet connection.

“There is no other sport that promotes togetherness like football does,” says Michael Rummenigge. The former German national team football player has been the patron of “Kinderlachen”, a charitable association for children in need, since 2004. “At my work as a consulting player and at the football school, I observe on a daily basis how the sport acts as a common language and thus helps children and adolescents to overcome language hurdles and to strengthen their feeling of togetherness”.

“For Vodafone, the integration of young people is close to our heart,” says Michael Reinartz, head of innovation at Vodafone Germany. “The digital technologies as well as the distribution of smartphones provide us with great opportunities to quickly and easily reach children and adolescents. Thus, we can provide them with our innovative solutions and facilitate their start in a new surrounding”.

Event notice:

To discuss the contribution of sport and technological innovations in integration education from different perspectives, the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication invites you to an evening event taking place on 6th July in Berlin.

The Vodafone Institute is engaged with questions of how digital and mobile technologies increase political, social and economic participation, as well as how those technologies provide access to education. Not only will Dr. Mark Speich, managing director of the Vodafone Stiftung, participate in the panel discussion, but also Michael Reinarth, Vodafone’s head of innovation, Manfred Kastner, the founder of VISION EDUCATION, and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Braun, head of the department “Integration, Sport and Football” at the Humboldt-Universtität zu Berlin. In keeping with tradition, the Euro semi-final can be watched together subsequent to the event.

Press information: “Do you speak football?”

  • Right in time for the UEFA Euro 2016: Learn English/German with a kick – the vocabulary trainer with the most essential football terms for all football fans
  • Shooting stars TSV Landsberg and SG Bruchköbel swap their jerseys: for the FC VISION EDUCATION’s language learning app

Berlin (10.06.2016). VISION EDUCATION Football/Fußball is a language learning app through which adolescents can learn English and German respectively all around the globe, within the context of football. The apps offer 13 different source languages, including Arabic, Swahili and Farsi, among others. Thanks to the support of well-known companies such as Vodafone Germany, Deloitte Austria, and Sedlak Austria, the apps are available free of charge.

The apps VISION EDUCATION Football/Fußball run on smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS) and, after being downloaded, function even without an internet connection.


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Press Release: VISION EDUCATION Football – kicking off language learning

June 8, 2016 / Wien (OTS) – With the start of the UEFA European Championship 2016, the Austrian Minister of Education Sonja Hammerschmid and Manfred Kastner, founder of VISION EDUCATION, launch the free language-learning app in Vienna. VISION EDUCATION Football/Fußball is an English/German language learning app by the help of which adolescents from all over the world can learn English and German respectively in a football related context. In the first phase, the apps offer translations into 13 different languages.

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PRESS RELEASE hallo German: VISION EDUCATION and Hueber Verlag present a free language learning app for refugees and migrants.

– Hueber, the global market leader for German as a foreign language, provides the app’s content.
– the technology partner is phase6, Germany’s leading vocabulary Trainer.
On Feburary 26th, 2016 in Berlin, the initiative VISION EDUCATION and the publisher Hueber Verlag officially presented the language learning app phase6 hallo German for adults without German language knowledge. Currently, 10 different languages are integrated in the app including Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Armenian and Russian. The app teaches basic vocabulary based on a range of different topics and is specifically designed to help refugees and migrants in typical, everyday situations. hallo German is available for smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS/Amazon Fire from Kindle Fire 2012). The app can run without an internet connection after it has been downloaded and installed.

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Invitation to a Social Event on 25 February 2016 in Berlin

Presentation of the free language learning app phase6 hallo German for adults, by VISION EDUCATION and Hueber Verlag

On 25 February 2016, the initiative VISION EDUCATION and the publishing house Hueber Verlag will officially present the language learning app phase6 hallo Deutsch for adults without German language knowledge. The event will take place in the form of a joint reception at Forum c12 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

The app teaches basic vocabulary to students based upon a range of different topics, and is especially designed to help refugees and migrants in typical, everyday situations. Thanks to our sponsors Brose and Sedlak, the app is available free of charge.

Publisher Michaela Hueber will talk about the project “Erste Hilfe Deutsch” (“First Aid German”), which already supports many volunteer instructors.

Manfred Kastner, founder of the initiative VISION EDUCATION, will talk about language education as a key to successful integration into society and working life.

Dr. Marion Grein of the University Mainz will explain the quality criteria that are considered important, and the role that the learning guides play regarding bridging the refugees’ and migrants’ language gaps as quickly as possibly.

Following the speeches, the lecturers will be available to answer your questions and discuss these issues in person. Further speakers include Wolf-Dieter Eggert, managing director of the Hueber Verlag, and Sylvia Tobias, head of marketing and sales of Hueber.

Finger food and refreshments will be provided.

Date: Thursday, 25 February 2016, 11:00 am – ca. 2.00 pm

Location: Forum c13, Christburger Straße 13, 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (near Berliner Alexanderplatz)

Representatives of all media are cordially invited.
Please confirm your participation until Wednesday, 17 February by e-mail to (contact person: Ms. Suk-Hyon Paek).

We would like to thank you for your interest.


Feel free to forward this invitation within your personal network, as the topic “integration“ concerns all of us.


Suk-Hyon Paek




You can find out more information about the initiative VISION EDUCATION and the hallo-Apps, developed in cooperation with phase6 by visiting

More information about the topic “Erste Hilfe Deutsch” (“First Aid German”) is available on the website of the publishing house, Hueber Verlag on



Press contact:



Suk-Hyon Paek

+49 170 7733573


Faster integration due to German language learning app VISION EDUCATION launches „phase6 hallo-App Deutsch for children “

Munich (06 November 2015).The new language learning application hallo-App Deutsch for children is available with immediate effect for Android and iOS. This language learning app enables children to learn the basics of the German language quickly and effectively by using smartphones and tablets. Due to the support of sponsors, the app is available as a free download. Read more

Invitation Press Conference 6 November 2015 in Munich

Presentation of free language learning app for refugee and migrant children

The lighthouse project phase6 hello-App Europe, which was created by the initiative VISION EDUCATION, successfully started in Austria with a press conference held by the Minister For Education and Women. Thanks to the lead sponsor Brose, the project can now be expanded to Germany.

From the beginning of November, the new language learning application phase6 hallo-App Deutsch for children (phase6 hallo-App Deutsch für Kinder) will be available as a free download. By the end of December, the app will also be available for adults. The application enables children to learn German independently on smartphones and tablets.

Subsequent to the press conference, Michael Stoschek, chairman of the Brose Group, and Manfred Kastner, Founder of Vision Education, will be available for interviews. Further interlocutors are Dr. Mario Oesterreicher of the Language Center of the University Erlangen-Nuernberg, head of the department language training Nuremberg, vice president of the General Association Modern Foreign Languages (GMF), chairman of the association English & Multilingualism (E&M), Helga Holtkamp, expert for foreign and second language acquisition and director of the European Educational Publishers Group (EEPG), Wolf Dieter Eggert, managing director of the publisher Hueber, Sylvia Tobias, head of marketing and sales of Hueber, Hartmuth Brill, division manager programme/editing of Mildenberger, and Hendrik Langner, managing director of phase6.

Date: Friday, 06 November 2015, 11:00 am
Location: Literaturhaus Munich, Room “Bibliothek”, Salvatorplatz 1, 80333 Munich

Representatives of all media are cordially invited.
Please confirm your participation until 03 November by e-mail to We would like to thank you for your interest.


Suk-Hyon Paek
+49 170 7733573

Heinisch-Hosek & Kastner presents the new app for learning German

Free language learning app will be launched in October

Vienna (OTS) — The new language learning application “hallo App Deutsch” will be launched at the end of October. With this free app for learning German, children can quickly and effectively use smartphones and tablets to improve their knowledge of essential German vocabulary. Thanks to the support of sponsors, the app will be available for download free of charge starting at the end of October. Read more

Media resonance to the free phase6 hallo app in Austria


On October 8, 2015, the first press conference of the VISION EDUCATION initiative took place after the invitation from the Federal Minister for Education and Women in Vienna, during which the new language learning application for children “phase6 hallo-App for children” was presented. This self-study app helps children learn German quickly and easily in a playful manner.

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